We had the chance to investigate The Blitz from both British and German perspectives.

We looked at how Britain had to try and tackle a continuous onslaught of German bombing raids, evacuating children to the countryside and also enforcing blackouts.

We also looked at how the German Air Force could possibly plan their air raids and how they would identify targets.

We were given a satellite map of the UK at night:

The densely-populated areas were evident due to the amount of light shown. These were the areas we thought the German Air Force would likely target. It also helped us to understand why the blackouts were so important.

We used atlases and our map reading skills to identify the towns and cities we thought were the built-up areas. Following this, we made a list of heavily-bombed locations, moderately-bombed locations and possible reception areas to send evacuees. We ended with a game of ‘Bombing Bingo’ to see who had correctly identified the most targets of the German air raids; we also looked at how many suitable reception areas we could identify.


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