Bluebells had a big surprise today when they came in from dinner. Someone had been in our classroom and look what they had done…

We asked everybody we know who could have done this, but no one knew. Someone had come into our classroom and held all of the vegetables hostage! We all worked together to free the vegetables that had been held hostage and Miss Longmire is going to take them all back to the supermarket to be with their friends.

Once we had saved all of the vegetables, we had time to open the envelope that had appeared in our classroom over lunchtime. We found out that the villain taking all of the vegetables hostage was… the Evil Pea! Supertato had written us the letter and asked for our help because he had met the Evil Pea before. He told us that the Evil Pea steals vegetables from supermarkets and keeps them hostage. We all decided that we were going to help Supertato and we needed to find the Evil Pea. We discussed what we could do next but we didn’t know where to find the pea.

Everyone was worried in case the Evil Pea came back and got into our classroom to try and steal some more vegetables. We worked together to make posters, to warn people that an Evil Pea is on the loose.

We hope our posters have scared the Evil Pea off and we hope not to see him again!


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