Year 6 have looked at what makes up our blood, how are blood groups different and how scientist investigate blood.


First of all, we looked at how we could be blood donars. We calculated how we inherit our blood type, who we could donate blood to, and who could donate blood to us. We then advised different people on why they should donate blood and who could donate blood to them. Excellent work Jacob who knew which blood group is carried on Ambulances as it can be donated to any other blood type. Amazing knowledge shared with the class. We also created pie charts to show the percentages of each blood group found in the UK population.

Next, we made our own blood samples. We used household ingredients to create a blood sample, before shaking the sample and allowing to rest. This created our own centrifuge, just like a scientist would use to separate the different components found in our blood.

Finally, the children were given different ingredients to create a blood donar blood bag. They had to use different ingredients and then explain what each ingredient represents and what its function was in the blood. The children produced instructions on how to make blood samples and explanation texts in what blood is.




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