This afternoon, we have had our first music lesson. Miss Taylor came into school to teach us about a variety of musical instruments. She was showing us how to hold and play musical instruments and then how to keep a beat with them. We kept going fast and then slow. We all had lots of fun in our music lesson!  


This morning, we have been very busy in PE. It was our first PE lesson and we were all very good. Firstly, we had to get changed. We all tried our best to get ready by ourselves but Miss Longmire and Miss Robinson did help us if we got stuck! When we were all ready we went into the hall and found a space for our warm up. We learnt a new warm up song, Read more…

Archealogical dig and cave paintings

Wow! What a fantastic, fun week we have had with our Topic this week. We learnt all about archaeologists and how they help us to understand pre-history. We then became archaeologists ourselves and discover Stone Age artefacts. We have also been learning about Stone Age cave paintings and used our knowledge to design our own. To give us the feeling of being in a cave, We then covered our tables, turned off the lights and Read more…

Cave paintings

Year 3 have been recreating cave paintings this week. Using chalk and charcoal, children designed and created a cave painting that might have decorated the walls of a Stone Age persons home. Here are some pictures of our work.

We are all different in Willows… and that’s BRILLIANT!

For our Science lesson, we looked at similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends. We looked at our fingerprints and how they’re different from our talk partner’s finger prints.   We then set up a bar graph with hair colour down the bottom and numbers along the side. They put their sticky note with their name and placed it where their hair colour was. We noticed that the most common hair colour was blonde Read more…

Gardening jobs in Kaden’s garden

Our topic this half term is allotment. This afternoon, we researched what jobs need doing on an allotment and then we went into Kaden’s garden and created a to do list of all the jobs that need doing there. Year 5 are going to be busy this half term. We will be harvesting fruits and vegetables, turning over soil, weeding and picking up litter.

Construction fun

Year 4 enjoyed taking part in an interactive session delivered by the company who were involved in the new build. The class worked together ,using sticks and elastic bands, to build some Impressive structures. At the end of the session, lots of the children said they had been inspired and would like to work in the building industry when they are older.  

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