Northern Ballet School visit

Year 5 have had a fantastic afternoon with professional dancers from the Northern Ballet School. It was the first of our dance workshops, which is leading to performances at the Bridgewater Hall and the Hallé St Peter’s. The children grew in confidence during the session, used their growth mindsets and made fantastic progress.  


Year 5 are becoming confident game-creators in our computing lessons and are really enjoying designing and creating their own Egyptian themed games. We have reviewed games other children have made and used these evaluations to help with our own designs. Today we began creating our own by adding scenery and walls to create the game environment. We are looking forward to adding the quest aspect to the game next week.  

Supertato (and Snowdrops) to the rescue!!

We have had some great fun these past 2 weeks, the naughty Evil Pea from Supertato has been getting up to mischief in our classroom. To stop him from capturing the carrots and our snack we had to come up with lots of ways to try and trap him!       We did did lots of outdoor activities, making dens, setting traps and cooking evil pea soup! In the classroom we have made posters Read more…

Healthy Flapjacks

Today we made healthy snacks and it was so much fun. They chose their dried fruit ingredients and mixed them together with all the other ingredients they had to add to make a flapjack. We did however, spot some some sneaky snackers who just couldn’t wait to taste our lovely treats! They are in our fridge at school and will set overnight, ready for snack tomorrow! Hopefully there will be some left for them to Read more…

Volcano soundscape

Year 3 have composed a piece of music to show the different stages of a volcanic eruption. We researched epic music and thought about what dynamics and beat we should use for the different stages. We decided when we should crescendo our music for the most effect. Here are some pictures of our lesson.

Library Visit

This morning Reception have been very busy going to the library. We walked to Heywood library sensibly with our partners. Once we arrived at the library, we all sat down and read some books together. We all listened very carefully and one of the books made us all giggle! We were then able to choose our own book to bring back to school. It was lots of fun looking through all of the books and choosing Read more…

The Ring of Fire 🌋

This week Year 3 have been learning about the ring of fire. In groups of four, we each had a different area/ section of a map, on which we used co-ordinates to plot volcanoes that have erupted in the last few hundred years. Once each member had completed their individual map, we put the four pieces together. From this, we found out that the majority of the volcanoes are in groups around the coast and Read more…

Supertato To The Rescue!

Reception have had an unwanted visitor these past two weeks… the Evil Pea! He first came into our classroom and took our carrots!! Supertato then left us a letter and asked for our help. Over the past two weeks The Evil Pea has done lots of silly things! We have been trying to help Supertato by making traps for the Evil Pea and making wanted and warning posters. Yesterday afternoon we found some frozen vegetables. Read more…

Wriggle and crawl

To begin our topic last week we went on a minibeast hunt in Kayden’s garden. However as it was very wet outside we only managed to find a few Minibeasts hiding. We saw worms, beetles, woodlouse and flies.   This Week we have been learning all about bees to write our own non-chronological report. A massive thank you to Cameron and Nomin that have brought some books in all about bees to help us to Read more…

Secret Reader

It was lovely to see Nathaniel’s dad here this morning to read us a story. It was a brilliant surprise and we all loved listening to the story. Thank you very much for being our secret reader.

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