Y1 Oaks – Maths

In maths recently, we have been learning all about adding numbers 1-10 by ‘counting on’. We have taken part in lots of fun addition activities such as adding numbers on the hopscotch outside, using numicon, adding spots to the ladybirds, adding our small world animals together, and playing an addition board game with cubes. Scroll down and have a look at what we have been up to on the photographs below!

Tooth decay experiment!

Today, Year 4 Hawthorn carried out a science experiment to identify which drink would decay our teeth the most. We have used water, milk, coke, apple juice and orange juice for our experiment. We dropped boiled eggs into the liquid to see what would happen to the shell. Over the course of the next week we will observe the egg shell to see if our predictions are true. Well done Hawthorn, super scientists!

How well do you brush your teeth?

Today, Maple has been learning about how to look after their teeth. There were lots of great ideas – brushing twice a day, visiting the dentist regularly and flossing. We carried out an experiment to see if we had any plaque on our teeth and then had a go at brushing them correctly, following an instructional video we had watched. There were some very blue mouths and tongues!

Land Ahoy!

Our topic this half term is called Land Ahoy, so in Maths today we went on a treasure hunt to answer some 2 times table questions. We worked really hard to complete the treasure hunt by counting in 2’s. We worked that hard we even got some (chocolate) treasure at the end 😋😋   In English we have been reading The colour monster which is all about different emotions. We then designed and made some Read more…

🥕🥬🌻Allotment 🌻🥬🥕

This half-term Year 5’s topic is Allotment. The children have already made a fantastic start by clearing up Kaden’s garden which we will be using for many of our lessons. Today, we had a visit, out in the garden, from Jamie who runs a local allotment. He gave us lots of information and ideas to begin growing our own fruit and veg and taught us how to correctly plant a bulb. Once back in class Read more…

Rainforest vocabulary

This afternoon, Year 5 Pine had a fantastic time in Kaden’s garden. We imagined we were in the rainforest and thought about the creatures that might live there, the plant life and atmosphere. We then generated some vocabulary lists that we are going to use in our English writing this week.

Year 1 Willows – Exploring the classroom

This afternoon, we had another chance to explore the classroom and what it has to offer 🙂 Our teachers had a lot of fun getting to know us and learning about what we liked to do. We did drawings of our favourite animals, made pictures of our families, explored the reading area for interesting books and constructed marble runs and Lego houses!

Welcome back Year 5 Juniper

Year 5 Juniper have had an amazing start back to school. It has been fantastic to see how excited the children are to be back in class and to see all their friends. I would like to say a big Well done to all the children, who have settled in so well. It is so lovely to have this class again and seeing how they have grown up. We are really looking forward to the Read more…

An amazing start for Year 5 Pine

It has been fantastic to have the children back in school. We have had lots of smiling, happy children. Every child has been amazing with perfect behaviour. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and completed lots of creative tasks. We have also enjoyed taking part in team building activities outdoors.  

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