Our Last Music Session

Thank you to everyone who came to join in our final music session with us. Miss Taylor has been teaching us music since September and today was our last session with her. We have really enjoyed music this term and it was lots of fun today having some parents and grandparents join in too. Thank you Miss Taylor and everyone for coming!

Secret Reader

This morning we were very excited to see Nathaniel’s mum turn up to read us a story. She brought with her ‘The Smartest Giant In Town’. This is one of our favourite stories so we were very happy that Nathaniel’s mum brought it to read to us. Thank you!  

Hour of Coding

Children in Willows had lots of fun practising our coding skills! We had to direct the bee to the flowers using left, right, forward and backwards. We also learnt how to print our pictures!

The Water Cycle

Maple have been learning all about the water cycle. We have learnt new words such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The children have been busy setting up an experiment to see the water cycle in action. Look at our photos to see how we did it. We have made predictions about what we think we will see happening inside the bowl.

Birch’s hour of code

This week St Luke’s is taking part in ‘Hour of code’. Year 3 began their lesson by looking at some of the vocabulary involved in coding such as output and algorithms, which they had to match the correct definitions. They then moved on to using coding to make various sea creatures move in different directions, completing a number of set tasks which increased in difficulty each time. We then discussed where coding is used and Read more…

Coding hour

Year 3 have been working their coding this week. They have been using their problem solving skills to help complete coding challeneges. here are some pictures of our lesson

Hour of Code

This week is hour of code. We have been playing a Mind craft coding game. We looked at a PPT at the start of the lesson that the School’s digital leaders had created. This told us all about coding. We talked about algorithms and debugging. We had lots of fun!    

The Water Cycle

Today we have been learning all about the Water Cycle. We went outside and worked with our talk partners to draw labeled diagrams of the Water Cycle. We were able to talk about evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection!  

Manchester Art Gallery

Year 5 had an amazing day out at Manchester Art Gallery today. We are extremely lucky to have been chosen to take part in this project. Today was one of the workshop days, which build up to a performance at the Bridgewater Hall. Year 5 are working with musicians from the Hallè Orchestra, dancers from the Northern Royal Ballet and talented artists. Today we took part in an art workshop thinking about how different pieces Read more…

📖 Cross-class outdoor reading surprise 📖

This week, Year 3 Birch’s elf on the shelf left a note telling them to meet him in Kayden’s garden at 2pm and to take Year 5 with them. When we arrived, we saw lots of elves with messages for us. They had wrapped and hidden some of their favourite books around the garden and the children had to work in groups with friends from the other class to find a book to unwrap before Read more…

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